Midwestern Moments No. 4: Sweet Smelling Peonies


What do you do when the unoccupied house neighboring yours is overflowing with peonies in full bloom?  You snip them.  You sneak over at dusk and you lovingly pluck an armful before the storm that looms overhead beats down on their delicate petals.  You usher them inside and pile them into your sink.


You arrange them into small bouquets while you hum Patsy Cline and your little bean saves the scraps for her own project.  You incorporate sprigs of catmint and fern from your own garden to make things a little less contraband-y.


You keep an arrangement for yourself and then transport the others to your office, where you’ll place them on a few of your coworkers’ desks.  You are dubbed the “Flower Fairy” and it makes you smile.

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