Style File No. 2: Clothing Fit for Little Girls

The current trends for today’s girls are quite frankly, well, scary.  As I was strolling though Target, looking for a birthday gift for one of my daughter’s friends, I was struck by the lack of functional and age appropriate clothing offered in the ‘Girls’ section, not to mention the non-existence of toys that focus on anything but physical appearance.  (I settled on a Lite Brite, if you were wondering.  Who doesn’t love those things?)

I have a daughter who THINKS she wants to wear pools of tulle, rolled in sequins (a phenomenon that developed once she attended kindergarten), but who spends a lot of time running around outside, staining everything she owns.  I understand her need to feel feminine–shoot, I love me a sundress and sandals–but looking like a walking disco ball is just plain tacky.  And when your child returns from a trip to the mall with Grandma, looking like a harlequin, it’s time for an intervention.  Plus, this mom is trying to diminish the damage of awkward childhood photos.  She’ll thank me later.

This is why I love looking to independent artisans.  These looks satisfy my daughter’s need to move around freely, while still looking stylish.  The most important part is that she’ll still look like a 5 year old; kid-approved and mom-approved.  Is that a truce I sense a-comin’ around the corner?  I think it is.


Makie Striped Shirt

Baby Jane Designs Leggings

Floral Leggings by Baby Janes Designs

Maliposha Clothes Dress

Maliposha Dress

Chasing Mini Dress

Chasing Mini Dress

Harriets Haberdashery Dress

Harriets Haberdashery Dress

Bitsy Blossom Shoes

Bitsy Blossom Shoes

Sound Potion No. 4

1. Tamer Animals, Other Lives
2. I Don’t Like it Like This, The Radio Dept.
3. The Preakness, Panda Bear
4. Gate/Gate/Paragate, Secret Mountains
5. Honeydew, Bon Accord
7. Polar-noon Highroad, Baromet
8. Rolled Together, The Antlers
9. We Own the Sky, M83

Spaces: Week No. 1

If you know me personally, or follow me on Pinterest, you are aware of the romantic (bordering on seedy) relationship that I have with food and design. I have many other interests, I am after all a well-rounded woman, but these are two things that sometimes keep me from sleeping. I can lay in bed and redesign a room in my mind for hours. When I was in middle school, our family stayed the night in a distant aunt’s home, most of which I spent mentally rearranging furniture to make it a more functional and inviting space for her guests. Creepy? No.

So, here’s a new installment. A look at some of my favorite spaces this week:


Designed by Chloe Warner and featured in the July/August Issue of Lonny Magazine


Dave Demattei and Patrick Wade’s home featured in the September 2013 Issue of Architectural Digest


Viewed on, and originally sourced from House Beautiful


Apartment Therapy

Midwestern Moments No. 9: Ribfest in the Midwest

One of the things I miss the most about the South is having easy access to the best barbecue in the nation. Gosh darn, I took that for granted. On Sundays, after morning hikes with pals and the pups, we always stopped at a little barbecue place on the way home. Weathered and famished, it was just what the body needed: glutenous amounts of finger-food washed down by a few pints.

When a neighbor told me about a festival in our neighborhood known as “Ribfest” that would include Blues music and barbecue vendors from all over the South, I was sold. We spent the day sprawled out in the shade, with sticky fingers, and good ol’ fashioned Blues playing in the background. Little Bean rolled down the hills for most of the time, and even had a go around the fountains before we submitted to being filled to the brim, and in dire need of a nap!







Midwestern Moments No. 8: Family Friday S’mores

This was no ordinary Friday night for our family.  It was the first Friday evening of Matthew’s new schedule.  He’ll no longer be working on nights, or weekends.  I’m not even sure what a whole weekend together means, but it’s a new leaf, and a beautiful one at that!

We initiated our first official Family Friday with s’mores.  The Nutella kind.  Duh.


  • Shmallows
  • Grahams
  • Nutella
  • Yum






Good Eats: German Pancakes and Handpicked Flowers

When you wake up on a Sunday morning, there is little else to do but enjoy your family. Pajamas and tousled hair are all the rage, and the perfect look for a day spent snuggled up with a book,  watching a movie, or playing the mandatory game of hide-and-seek. *On a side note: some may say that I am a hide-and-seek aficionado. I know all the secret spots, and I have no qualms with outsmarting a 5 year old. So, watch yo-self.

Our favorite guilty pleasure breakfast is the delectable German pancake. It is fast, not at all fussy, and requires a mere 15 minute cook time whose magic can only be compared to the classic rabbit-in-a-hat trick that leaves you utterly baffled:  insert batter-filled pan into oven, and remove to reveal a golden brown delicacy. Abracadabra! It’s chemistry. And it’s amazing.

The only requirement is that while this bad boy cooks, you simply must assist your child in picking flowers from the garden. And why wouldn’t you?


  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons butter

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Throw two tablespoons of butter into large cast-iron skillet.  Place in oven and remove when melted.

Combine remaining ingredients in bowl and add to skillet.  Cook for 25-30 minutes.

Top with anything your heart desires.







If that doesn’t make your world go round, I don’t know what will.