Good Eats: A Cake and a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

There are some days that call for cake–and not some half-assed Betty Crocker cake from a box–but a homemade, loved-and-looked-after cake that you can throw yourself into for the better part of an hour.  All of that sifting, measuring, and whisking can easily melt away the dealings of the day.  And, cake is always there.  It’s dependable, predictable, and it doesn’t care that you haven’t showered in a day (okay, maybe two), or that you’re in a particularly foul mood.  There’s a cake for the day that you can’t get it together at work, or the day (maybe week) that you argue with your significant other, or the day that you forgot that you have a significantly complex paper due in T-1 hour.  Rest assured, little lamb, there is cake.  It may not patch up our nation, or the hopelessness that is our world, and it definitely won’t go a-moving any mountains, but there’s one thing I can guarantee:  that cake won’t bat an eyelash when you devour the whole. damn. thing.




Now, go enjoy that cake, and don’t you dare feel guilty about it.

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