Style File No. 2: Clothing Fit for Little Girls

The current trends for today’s girls are quite frankly, well, scary.  As I was strolling though Target, looking for a birthday gift for one of my daughter’s friends, I was struck by the lack of functional and age appropriate clothing offered in the ‘Girls’ section, not to mention the non-existence of toys that focus on anything but physical appearance.  (I settled on a Lite Brite, if you were wondering.  Who doesn’t love those things?)

I have a daughter who THINKS she wants to wear pools of tulle, rolled in sequins (a phenomenon that developed once she attended kindergarten), but who spends a lot of time running around outside, staining everything she owns.  I understand her need to feel feminine–shoot, I love me a sundress and sandals–but looking like a walking disco ball is just plain tacky.  And when your child returns from a trip to the mall with Grandma, looking like a harlequin, it’s time for an intervention.  Plus, this mom is trying to diminish the damage of awkward childhood photos.  She’ll thank me later.

This is why I love looking to independent artisans.  These looks satisfy my daughter’s need to move around freely, while still looking stylish.  The most important part is that she’ll still look like a 5 year old; kid-approved and mom-approved.  Is that a truce I sense a-comin’ around the corner?  I think it is.


Makie Striped Shirt

Baby Jane Designs Leggings

Floral Leggings by Baby Janes Designs

Maliposha Clothes Dress

Maliposha Dress

Chasing Mini Dress

Chasing Mini Dress

Harriets Haberdashery Dress

Harriets Haberdashery Dress

Bitsy Blossom Shoes

Bitsy Blossom Shoes

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