Midwestern Musings: Blustery Weather


We’ve slipped into the evening routine of a cold brew and throwback episodes of Jaques Pepin. Wrapped up in a blanket, entangled legs, thick socks, and snuggled animals. I’m not used to the degree of cold we’ve been experiencing in these parts, though it makes me feel tough as nails that I’ve endured it. Funny how the Little Bean doesn’t quite mind the cold, and even schluffs off the idea of putting on the multiple layers I suggest she don in the morning. She’s happy to be living in a place where snow is a weekly possibility and one-digit, or below-zero temperatures are a norm.

I haven’t been the best in keeping up with the blog. Maybe it’s the lack of sunlight and frigid temps, or the paper deadlines, snotty noses, and holidays that have kept my free time sparse. Fear not: I am working on carving out time for myself that is dedicated to some of my favorite things– the types of things that keep this blog rolling. The time off has definitely helped me brew up some new ideas, so stick with me, and I promise not to disappoint!