Autumnal Florals

It has finally cooled down enough for me to believe that we are entering into autumn.  Experiencing each of the changing seasons is quite different in the Midwest than it is in the South.  Different in that I’m actually experiencing them.  Texans always joke about the unreliability of the weather, and since I’ve moved to the Midwest, I appreciate the sentiment even more.  Texas weather is all over the place.  One day it’s sleeting, and the next day it’s 70 degrees.  There’s no such thing as autumn in Texas.

I must say, Texans are truly missing out.  There is nothing that can be compared to the sights, sounds, and smells of the change from summer to autumn.  Everything is just different; there’s no other word for it.  The noticeable change ushers in desires for warm soups, gourds, and blankets.  Suddenly, walking your dog isn’t a sweaty chore– instead, you’re likely to need a warm sweater and a hat.  It’s like autumn is a gradual easement into the wintery weather that will eventually ensue in the coming months.  I can actually feel the holidays.  It’s a genuinely beautiful experience.

Here are some autumnal floral combinations that are making my heart go a pitter patter:

Just Imagine | Midwestern Musing

  I love the largess of this arrangement from Just Imagine.

Martha Stewart | Midwestern Musing

  This arrangement by Martha

Autumnal Floral Inspiration | Midwestern Musing

  I love the contrast between the reds and white in this arrangement featured on

Floret Flowers | Midwestern Musing

  This arrangement from Floret Flower Farm has me feeling some heart palpations.  I wish I lived in Seattle just so I could receive their deliveries.  There’s some real talent over there!