Color Trend: Blushing Pinks

I have been seeing pink ALL OVER THE PLACE recently. And not just any shade of pink: it’s blushing pinks. They’re in the mags, popping up on my pinterest feed, and one particular shade has even landed on my daughter’s dresser (photos coming soon). I’m not typically pink’s number one fan, but the blush pink craze is something I can get into, as evidenced by this photo.

Pink Hair

 Pink Locks

Roasted Radishes

 Roasted Radishes

Pink Walls

 Pink Walls


 Pink Petals


  Cotton Candy like woah

Pink Margaritas

 Pink party drinks

Pink Sweater

  Pink Sweaters

Pink Cake

  Pink Cake.  Hello, Gorgeous!

Pink by William Engel

 This painting needs to be all up on my wall.



Spaces: Week No. 2

Here are a few of my favorite spaces this week:

Thom Filica Lakehouse | Midwestern Musing

  This lake house living room by Thom Filica, sourced from Home Adore.

Peter Dunham Study | Midwestern Musing

 This study designed by Peter Dunham.

Peter Dunham Living Room | Midwestern Musing

 This living room by Peter Dunham.

Gary McNournie Boathouse Living Room | Midwestern Musing

 This Nantucket boathouse living space by Gary McBournie.

Gary McBournie Boathouse Kitchen | Midwestern Musing

 This Nantucket boathouse kitchen by Gary McBournie.

Deborah French Designs Living Room | Midwestern Musing

 This living space, but most of all the orange sofa, designed by Deborah French.

Spaces: Week No. 1

If you know me personally, or follow me on Pinterest, you are aware of the romantic (bordering on seedy) relationship that I have with food and design. I have many other interests, I am after all a well-rounded woman, but these are two things that sometimes keep me from sleeping. I can lay in bed and redesign a room in my mind for hours. When I was in middle school, our family stayed the night in a distant aunt’s home, most of which I spent mentally rearranging furniture to make it a more functional and inviting space for her guests. Creepy? No.

So, here’s a new installment. A look at some of my favorite spaces this week:


Designed by Chloe Warner and featured in the July/August Issue of Lonny Magazine


Dave Demattei and Patrick Wade’s home featured in the September 2013 Issue of Architectural Digest


Viewed on, and originally sourced from House Beautiful


Apartment Therapy