Midwestern Moments No. 9: Ribfest in the Midwest

One of the things I miss the most about the South is having easy access to the best barbecue in the nation. Gosh darn, I took that for granted. On Sundays, after morning hikes with pals and the pups, we always stopped at a little barbecue place on the way home. Weathered and famished, it was just what the body needed: glutenous amounts of finger-food washed down by a few pints.

When a neighbor told me about a festival in our neighborhood known as “Ribfest” that would include Blues music and barbecue vendors from all over the South, I was sold. We spent the day sprawled out in the shade, with sticky fingers, and good ol’ fashioned Blues playing in the background. Little Bean rolled down the hills for most of the time, and even had a go around the fountains before we submitted to being filled to the brim, and in dire need of a nap!







Midwestern Moments No. 3: A Nature Walk

This morning Little Bean and I went on a nature walk through Dundee and Happy Hollow with one of our pooches.  It was a perfect walk, on a perfect morning, with the most perfect little girl.


I thought this medallion from an iron bridge post was beautiful.





Kaya foraged for unclaimed flowers for the majority of our walk.


This friendly feline followed us for quite a ways, even though we had a pooch in tow.


I couldn’t resist taking a couple shots to eventually be housed in frames.

IMG_2844 copy

Little Bean Sprout

Midwestern Moments No.1: Is it Spring or Winter?


It seems I jumped the gun on the whole “the promise of spring is just around the corner” thing. This past weekend was one of predominant snow. As usual, we made the best of it, and we had a pretty grand time. I know a few members of the house didn’t have the immediate instinct to pull the covers over their heads and fall back into a slumber.


I was ecstatic to receive these little beauties in the mail. they brought a little warmth to our cold Midwestern backdrop.


While scouring my favorite local antique shop, I happened upon these charming little containers. I haven’t decided if I should keep them or sell them. At the moment, I’m thinking they’re keepers.