Midwestern Moments: Snowy Adventures with Little Bean

As far as snow goes, it has been a pretty dry winter. We’ve had a few blustery days here and there, but nothing close to the full-on snow storms that I first experienced last year. This week was no disappointment, however, and our grounds are thoroughly covered with a carpet of snow. It makes for precarious driving, but it’s pretty spectacular to look at.

Naturally, after a snow day stuck indoors, the little bean and I took off for a much-needed adventure. Snow days can only be so fun for a wee one who thrives off of the social energy she derives from school. We spent roughly 20 minutes running around the park near our house, which is about 15 minutes too long for me. I’m more the sit-in-your-pjs-and-stare-out-the-window kind of gal, but what my little bean wants, my little bean gets! Over and over, she delighted in crunching through piles of snow. She’s a good egg, that one.  I couldn’t say no.

I will say that our 100 year-old house looks far better blanketed in snow than it does nearly any other time of the year. February is a close second to May in terms of our house’s looks, when painted flowers crop up to flank its sides, but that’s a far way off. So, this winter wonderland will just have to do.

Here are a few photos from our wintery adventure!








Midwestern Moments No.1: Is it Spring or Winter?


It seems I jumped the gun on the whole “the promise of spring is just around the corner” thing. This past weekend was one of predominant snow. As usual, we made the best of it, and we had a pretty grand time. I know a few members of the house didn’t have the immediate instinct to pull the covers over their heads and fall back into a slumber.


I was ecstatic to receive these little beauties in the mail. they brought a little warmth to our cold Midwestern backdrop.


While scouring my favorite local antique shop, I happened upon these charming little containers. I haven’t decided if I should keep them or sell them. At the moment, I’m thinking they’re keepers.